Nov 17 2017

Super stoked to get on the cover of this Magazine with the 40 Race Rod

Nov 17 2017

Ford Rad Rod pickup by Creative Carversions

Nov 17 2017

Tim’s ’58 cover truck

Mar 3 2017

the Radster


Jun 8 2010

We’re on the cover of SA Hot Rods.

SA Hotrod Magazine
Yes, we are in fact on the cover of the 8th edition of SA Hot Rods Magazine.
Check out for more info and magazine orders.

Jun 18 2009

The workshop

sportecrod 0201carversions ad 2web copyspeedway caFE 014i

Jun 18 2009

Creative Carversions!

We are about to bring you the most amazing conversion you have ever seen in SA. Keep watching.